FCCSP Annual Donor Update 2017

FCCSP Annual Donor Update 2017

The Family Counseling Center of St. Paul’s would like to thank our benefactors for their investment in the children, adults, parents, and families we have the privilege to serve in our community!   Their generosity has enabled our team to positively impact our community by:

Delivering Free Behavioral Health Therapy: In 2016, the FCCSP provided approximately 1,031 hours of free counseling therapy to those who were impoverished, uninsured, or underinsured. Some of our community’s most vulnerable children, adults, and families are able to access affordable behavioral health care in both English and Spanish.

Increased Counseling Space: We are in the process of renovating our property at 301 N. Van Buren St., which will enable our team to welcome more clients, increase our capacity, and help stabilize the neighborhood. However, like all renovations, unexpected needs have arisen which have delayed and increased the costs of the project. Our Raise the Roof Campaign goal is now set at $280,000, and we have currently received $170,547 in capital funding. We hope to complete the renovations, build the new two-story addition, and be open for business by the end of the year. We are at 61%, will you join us in reaching our 100% funding goal?

Reaching More People: We are on track to see an increase of 90% more clients this year from two years ago! That is 126 more individuals who received the behavioral health care that they needed. This past year, we hired four more therapists and an intake coordinator. This has increased our clinical team to nine.
This year, we will be adding a Victim Services Case Manager and a Victim Service Legal Liaison to our staff. The case manager will provide intensive case management services to victims of crime; identifying their needs, assisting them in seeking needed services, and making appropriate referrals. The legal liaison will act as a victim advocate, providing information, assistance, and support in regards to their legal rights. This liaison will interpret and translate for Spanish speaking victims, provide referrals, and maintain positive working relationships with local police departments, the District Attorney’s office, and other victim services.

Training More Clinicians to Serve the Community: This spring, two bilingual interns, who had worked with our clients this past school year with supervision, graduated with their Master’s degrees. We were able to hire one of those interns, Maria Aguilar, MSW, to work with trauma victims. Maria was recognized by the Widener University Center for Social Work Education for completing the Trauma Certificate upon her graduation in May. Through our Professional Development program, we are making an impact by increasing the number of bilingual, culturally responsive behavioral health providers prepared to serve our diverse community.

Continued Clinical Training: Your support provides funds for ongoing specialized training for our clinicians in best practices for working with diverse and vulnerable populations. This past year included the following:
– Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with a focus on the treatment of children with PTSD.
– Training by enforcement officials, victims services advocates, and health professionals who work with survivors of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and other crimes that affect women to engage in learning and building effective community-based networks.
– Latino Social Workers Organization’s “La Familia” Ethical Perspective Training
– Delaware Substance Abuse and Mental Health Mini-Institute for Behavioral Health Professionals.

Developing Community Partners: This year we continue to be an approved service provider for the State of Delaware Prevention & Behavioral Health Services (Child Mental Health). This past year, we were awarded two grants by the Delaware Criminal Justice Council to provide critical mental health counseling, free of charge, to victims of trauma caused by violence or crime. These grants have increased access to mental health therapy for traumatized children, adults, and families in our community.

This year we will continue to participate in the Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia Volunteer Program. We were blessed to have Mandee, a beautiful, energetic, and talented young lady, work with us this past year. Our new volunteer, Bianca, will be joining us in the fall. These volunteers are college graduates who have chosen to give one year of their life to serve those in need, and we are so grateful for them!

We are thankful for our donors’ support and investment in our work and mission! Please consider joining our Raise the Roof Campaign by going to our Donations page.

 Your Family Counseling Center of St. Paul’s team:
Founder and Senior Clinician: Sister Theresa Marie Elitz, OSF, LPCMH, NBCDCH
Executive Director and Director of Development: Rob McCreary, MBA
Director of Operations/Clinician: Kathleen Seipel, LCSW
Clinicians: Nan Bernardo-Freeman LPCMH , Mariella Roberts, LPCMH,
Belkys Sanchez, MSW, Maria Aguilar, MSW
Irma Hernandez, MSW, and Abner Santiago, LPCMH
Director of Finance: Galo Rodriguez, BA, Finance
Marketing & Development Manager: Marie Redfield
Intake Coordinator: Luly Santos