501c3 Information

“Why Us?”

At the Family Counseling Center of St. Paul’s, people get the best mental health care available.  They experience an accessible, affordable, empathetic, compassionate, and culturally sensitive home-like environment.  Otherwise almost unobtainable in our region.

What will you see here?  People with real needs.  People who want to change.  People who are challenged with mental health issues – compounded by cultural, linguistic, financial, stigmatic, and political barriers.

Compassionate counselors with multicultural experience certified in issues across the mental health spectrum.  Empathetic counselors who work hard to break the barriers that our clients face.

We’re not what mental health care could be in most places, but what it should be.

To learn more about us, watch an interview with our Executive Director, Rob McCreary at 12:00 mins. on Window on Wilmington https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uD1glesZSE



“Why Now?”

Crises doesn’t happen on a 9 – 5 basis.  Our waiting list continues to grow.  There is a severe shortage of bilingual counselors, but there’s plenty of people who need help.  Many face domestic violence, depression, bipolar disorder, grief from loss or separation, and trauma associated with violence.  And most can’t afford to pay for it.


“Why you, the donor, are our Superheroes”

The uninsured & impoverished face a lifetime of challenges.

Especially those screaming to be heard.   People who speak very little English or none at all – and torn between cultures.

They fight and battle everyday to overcome mental health issues.

We’re inviting our donors to the fight.

We’re inviting you to mix it up…

To throw a jab or an uppercut…

To help a child, parent, or family to have a chance to win.

To help the uninsured single-mom with depression or Bipolar Disorder (and a couple kids) get the help she – and her family – need and deserve.  She can’t make it to the next round without you.

So on behalf of her and those kids, we’re asking you to pull off your glasses like Clark Kent, put on your Superhero attitude, jump in the fight, and defend those who are defenseless.


Make your donation/gift today.

Better yet, help her with a knockout. 

    Make a recurring monthly donation and go the distance with her.
    For an organization made necessary by depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, schizophrenia, domestic violence, trauma, and drug & alcohol abuse…

…we’re remarkably happy.

Must be all the changes we see in the people we help.

Made possible only by the people who help us – the heroes like you who make an investment.

We invite you to be a champion and change a life…

And be remarkably happy.

Help us Help our Clients and Our Community

We hope you will consider the Family Counseling Center of St. Paul’s in your tax planning. You can significantly reduce your taxes owed, while providing support that will enable us to continue helping those who are the most underserved and disadvantaged in our community. No matter your income level, if you itemize you can almost always lower the taxes you owe through charitable giving.

Giving is, of course, much more than tax brackets and deductions. Your gifts make an important difference in the lives of the children, parents, adults, and families we serve.


There are several ways to help:


GIFTS OF CASH – There is no easier way to garner a charitable deduction!


Family Counseling Center of St. Paul’s
P.O. BOX 3803
Wilmington, Delaware 19807

You Can Also Make a Convenient, Safe Online Donation via this Link

Gifts of cash are fully deductible – up to a maximum of 50% of your adjusted gross income. For example, if your adjusted gross income is $50,000, up to $25,000 of charitable gifts may be deducted this year. Any excess can generally be carried forward and deducted over as many as five (5) subsequent years.


EMPLOYER MATCH – Does your employer match charitable gifts? If so, your contribution is worth even more!  Ask your Human Resources team to provide you with a form to complete.


APPRECIATED STOCK – If you own stocks in your portfolio for at least one year and a day that have appreciated, you can make a gift of that stock to the family Counseling Center of St. Paul’s.

Benefits include:

  • Avoiding capital gains tax if sold
  • Generating a charitable income tax deduction for the full fair market value on the date of the gift

Note: If you like the stock and think it might continue to appreciate, you can use the cash you might have donated to the Family Counseling Center of St. Paul’s to buy the same stock on the market. The result will be owning it at a new cost basis, thereby saving taxes in future years if it is sold.


WINDFALL OPPORTUNITY  – If you had a large fee or bonus; converted a conventional IRA to a Roth IRA; or sold a highly appreciated asset during the year, then you may need a large tax deduction to offset some of income or capital gain taxes.

This may be the perfect time for you to make a large one-time gift, and if the charitable income tax deduction exceeds the allowed limit, it may be carried forward for up to five additional years.


IRA CHARITABLE ROLLOVER  – If you are at least 70 and one-half years old and have an IRA, you are required to take minimum distributions.

You have a wonderful opportunity to make a gift to the Family Counseling Center of St. Paul’s directly from your IRA that will not be taxable to you and will count as part or all of your required minimum distribution.

Here is how it works:
You can contact your plan administrator and authorize a charitable distribution to go directly to the Family Counseling Center of St. Paul’s from your IRA.

  • Your gift can be an amount up to $100,000
  • Your gift to charity can be used for any purpose other than creating a charitable remainder trust, charitable gift annuity or donor advised fund


BEQUESTS  – While considering your current income tax savings, keep in mind long-term tax savings.  The federal estate tax can still take 40-50% of one’s estate at the time of death. That’s a higher tax bite than the income tax!  Consider a charitable bequest in your will – to benefit the Family Counseling Center of St. Paul’s while you save estate tax dollars at the same time.

A Few Basic Year-End Rules

  • Your check must be postmarked on or before December 31.
  • Making a gift by credit card to the Family Counseling Center of St. Paul’s before year-end will generate a deduction in the year you make the charge, even if it is paid in the next year.
  • All gifts of appreciated securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds) must be transferred through your broker or delivered to the Family Counseling Center of St. Paul’s on or before December 31.


Please feel free to contact Rob McCreary, our Executive Director at 302.740.6400 OR rob@stpaulscounseling.org to discuss your opportunity to benefit from reduced taxes while helping your community.

We appreciate your support of our mission and our work in helping children, parents, adults, and families in our community!